A group returns to the Darby Chalet after walking to Lilly Pilly Gully c. 1925. Photo: Historic Places, Department of Sustainability and Environment, Victoria

A history of Wilsons Promontory

John Roslyn Garnet (1906-1998), known as Ros, was a scientist who had a distinguished career with the Commonwealth Serum Laboratories. Through his connection with the Field Naturalists Club of...
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Returning from Mt Feathertop summit.

Falls To Hotham Alpine Crossing 2016 Draft Master Plan

While we enthusiastically encourage broad community access to our national parks and reserves, and acknowledge the significant and growing role our parks play in supporting regional tourism, we do...
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Southern blue devil fish at Castle Rock. Photo: Natalie Manahan

2015 Great Victorian Fish Count

This report summarises the results of the fish count and provides a snapshot of the unique marine life found in Victorian waters....
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Hoodie chicks are tiny, and dwarfed by the heavy hooves of racehorses. Without protection they don't stand a chance against racing thoroughbreds.

Park Watch December 2016

Halfway through his first term of government, Premier Daniel Andrews looked like he had a premiership environmental team on his hands, then they dropped the ball on environmental protection by...
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Deer are spreading across Victoria into many sensitive habitats.

Inquiry into the control of invasive animals on crown land

In our submission to the Parliamentary Inquiry into the Control of Invasive Animals on Crown Land we call for more funding for Parks Victoria so that it can engage professional hunters toal with...
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Greater Glider. Photo: Pavel German/www.australiannature.com

Park Watch September 2016

Ingenuity, passion, commitment. They’re the hallmarks of so many people defending our parks and nature. In this edition of Park Watch we explore the threats of hard-hoofed animals munching,...
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Draft Wild Horse Management Plan for Kosciuszko National Park

We have made a submission to the Draft Wild Horse Management Plan for Kosciuszkonal Park in support of the submission made by thenal Parks Association of NSW. We congratulate the NSW...
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Moolap Coastal Strategic Framework Plan Discussion Paper

The current planning process has also allowed us to consider the future planning, management and use of Point Henry and the Moolap coastal area more broadly....
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Inquiry into fire season preparedness

In a submission to a Parliamentary Inquiry into Fire Season Preparedness, we outlined a number of important life saving strategies that aren’t adequately employed in Victoria. If they were,...
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