A student from the Department of Education & Training Leadership School photographs wildflowers at JB Plain, Alpine National Park. Photo: David Tatnall

Park Watch March 2016

We love ournal parks. They give us rest and recreation, protect thousands of native species and are the foundation of our efforts to protect nature for the future. And yet Victoria’s...
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Shelter for hikers at Bugiga campsite on the new Grampians Peaks Trail. Photo: Phil Ingamells

Park Watch December 2015

The final edition Park Watch for 2015 has plenty holiday reading. Meet our new president Euan Moore, get the latest updates on our marine and coastal work and read about the brilliant success...
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Black Saturday fire at Wilsons Promontory National Park. Photo: Phil Ingamells

Park Watch September 2015

Climate change poses significant threats to our parks and the native plants and animals that rely on them for survival, but are we prepared for the changes to come? In this edition of Park Watch...
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Submission: Statewide assessment of public land

An initial submission to the Victorian Environmental Assessment Council’s Statewide Assessment of Public Land. This broad-brush investigation will look at how well Victoria’s system of...
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Powerful Owl. Photo: Lyn and Geoff Easton

Park Watch June 2015

A yarn about the values of rivers and small swamps, another about Baw Baw National Park and a piece on the secretive allocation of funds away from national parks are just some of the stories you will...
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Park Watch March 2015

Victoria’s new premier has a chance to once again make our state a world leader in nature conservation, but can he deliver? We also have a story about Westgate Park that reminds us not to...
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View from the Newhaven Yacht Club. Photo: Natalie Davey

Scenario planning for the Westernport Bay Region

Following the release of the Australian Conservation Foundation’s preliminary study into thelogical values of Westernport Bay, Professor Robert Costanza, one of the world’s leading...
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