The end of native forest logging in Victoria is beyond overdue. Australia’s last machine to rely on pulping threatened wildlife habitat for white paper will soon shut down, for good.

In the most cleared state in Australia, every piece of habitat is important. Endangered critters like the Greater Glider simply can’t wait until 2030 for an end to logging. Every hollow-bearing tree matters.

To properly care for our remaining gliders, forests, wildlife and woodlands, Victoria needs new national parks. Parks are not created until they are legislated.

We can have a future where we protect native wildlife habitat, not smash it up for pulp, paper, pallets and firewood.

Send your elected leaders a message today – tell them you want Wombat Forest to be a national park, not a wasteland.

You can include your own words for more impact.

Video: Premier Andrews talking about the state-funded destruction of wildlife habitat.

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