Breaking: Greater Glider hotspot discovered in Wombat Forest

This is the same forest VicForests is aggressively salvage logging. The same forest the Premier promised to protect in a new national park only a year ago.

Logging coupes in the forest must be removed immediately. Unless the Premier acts on his word to create the new parks right now, the Greater Gliders, Powerful Owls, Koalas and precious native wildlife recently found in this rich wet forest won’t survive.

Greater Gliders lost a third of their habitat in the black summer bushfires. In the most cleared state in Australia, every piece of habitat is important. Every hollow-bearing tree matters.

To properly care for our remaining Gliders, forests, wildlife and woodlands, Victoria needs new national parks. Parks are not created until they are legislated.

Join us in urging the State Labor Government to make a park, not pulp, out of Wombat Forest. Send your elected leaders a message today.

View footage of the recently observed Greater Gider population and salvage logging

We’ll send the following message on your behalf. You can include your own words for more impact.


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