Park Watch December 2018

In this last edition of Park Watch for 2018, we cover many of the biggest campaigns the Victorian National Parks Association worked on this year – forest protection; parks creation and...
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Little Desert Podcast Project

1969 was a very exciting and eventful year in Victoria, Australia. A number of ideas and events came together to create something very significant. In this four-part podcast series we’ll unpack the...
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Park Watch September 2018

This edition of Park Watch shares the final stages of our campaigning in the lead up to the November state election. ...
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Smooth ray

2017 Great Victorian Fish Count

The 2017 Great Victorian Fish Count was another great success of citizen science, with over 700 volunteer divers and snorkelers recording an amazing diversity of fish across the state. This year...
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Two humpback whales at Wilsons Promontory

Park Watch June 2018

In this edition of Park Watch, we prepare for the colder months ahead. ...
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Park Watch March 2018

In this edition of Park Watch, we share a diverse range of nature-based learning projects, events and activities....
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