Snapper. Photo: Copyright Gary Bell/

The state of recreational fishing in Victoria

The State of Recreational Fishing in Victoria has been prepared by two independent marine scientists who have identified current knowledge gaps and provided proposals for improving the management of...
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Golden sun moth in grasslands. Photo: It's a Wildlife

Start with the grasslands

This guide is a resource for anyone interested in conserving and managing grasslands but particularly useful for those new urban areas, including state and local government planners,...
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NatureWatch volunteers at work in the field. Photo: Ada Nano

Frogs in the grass

In January 2011 our NatureWatch program began monitoring populations of the nationally vulnerable Growling Grass Frog at the City of Whittlesea Quarry in Epping. In Victoria the frog is classified as...
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Striped legless lizard. Photo: ACT Parks and Conservation Service

Legging it for lizards

In 2010 our NatureWatch program and 32 eager volunteers visited Iramoo Wildlife Reserve in Melbourne’s western suburbs to find out how a population of endangered Striped Legless Lizards were...
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