Matt Ruchel, Executive Director

Matt has been Executive Director of the VNPA since 2007 and has a strong background in environmental policy. He has worked in the non-government environmental policy areas in the state, national and international arena for more than 20 years.

Matt has held senior positions in leading international and national conservation organisations and in local government. He brings exceptional strategic planning skills to his role at VNPA and his experience is invaluable in coordinating staff and campaigns, as well as liaising with government and industry at all levels and a range of interest groups.

(03) 9341 6500
Amelia Easdale, Supporter Development

Amelia joined us in June 2016 and works with those generous individuals and organisations that support our work.

She is proud to contribute to the conservation of Victoria's unique native plants and wildlife and the habitats they rely on through her work with the Victorian National Parks Association and our supporters.

(03) 9341 6505
Caitlin Griffith, Community Education and Engagement Manager

Running community days, supporting our NatureWatch program and developing training opportunities for staff and volunteers are just some of the ways Caitlin is helping to improve the way we share nature with others.

She has worked with numerous local Victorian community groups, land managers and scientists in the development of citizen science projects, and brings with her a deep passion for ecology, conservation, social ecology and community development.

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Charlotte Kandelaars, Administrative Officer

Charlotte handles the processing of memberships, appeals and book orders. She also handles the accounts receivables and payables. Charlotte has a strong business background in accounting.

"I personally find it a privilege to be involved with such a proactive environmental organisation which is inline with my own values and interests."

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Emily Clough, Fundraising Manager

Emily engages with our dedicated supporters including individuals, trusts and foundations. She finds using her skills to contribute to the protection of Victoria's amazing natural places extremely rewarding.

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Heath Rickard, Finance & Operations Manager

Heath oversees the day to day management of the organisation including finances, human resources for volunteers & staff, operations, office management, risk and IT.

He has over 25 years experience in finance, IT and administration across all sectors with recent roles focusing on community grants management.

(03) 9341 6503
Kade Mills, ReefWatch Coordinator

Kade works with all the 'underwater bushwalkers' who go diving to enjoy Victoria's unique plants and animals.

Kade himself has spent many hours of his life underwater talking to the fish, counting, photographing and filming them.

He has worked as a marine scientist throughout Australia and is excited about working with Victoria's marine community - their input can have an amazing impact on advancing our knowledge of the underwater world.

(03) 9341 6519
Meg Sobey, Publications and Online Coordinator

Meg joined us in 2017 to oversee our communications, including our website, emails and social media. She is also the editor of Park Watch magazine.

Meg loves using creative ways to encourage connection with and care for our natural world.

Phil Ingamells, Park Protection

Phil runs the VNPA's Park Protection Project, aimed at radically improving management of Victoria's national parks and reserves, particularly in the face of climate change.

He has a special interest in environmental education, and national park management issues.

03 9341 6506
Sera Blair, NatureWatch Coordinator
03 9341 6510
Shannon Hurley, Nature Conservation Campaigner
03 9341 6515