BREAKING: On 24 May, Forest Fire Management Victoria felled yet another ancient hollow-bearing tree in the Yarra Ranges National Park.

Our native forests cool our climate, house our native animals, support livelihoods and keep our air and water clean.

But across the state, Forest Fire Management Victoria’s ‘salvage logging’, ‘clean up’ operations and strategic fuel break construction and maintenance are flying blind. They’re tearing up habitat in established parks, promised parks, conservation areas, water catchments and even selling the wood for commercial use in some cases.

Community groups have found critically endangered Leadbeater’s Possums in the path of destruction. Endangered Greater Gliders living in trees on the chopping block. Cool Temperate Mixed Rainforest on their schedule to bulldoze.

They’ve even found a dead Greater Glider next to trees being cleared in the Yarra Ranges.

Ask the minister to put independent oversight in place and regulate ecological impacts using up-to-date science.

Together we’ll hold our elected leaders to account and protect the places we love from bad science and state exploitation.


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