Wild Families is about helping families of any size, shape and structure to enjoy, discover, learn about and look after nature together. We have a range of activity pages for families with children aged up to 12 years old.

Our resources are great for any adults and children discovering and learning about nature together.

Discovering together

  • Use our Wild Families Activity Sheets to make your family adventures a little wilder. You could try a do anywhere nature activity, find out about great places to visit with the family, learn about the family lives of Victoria’s native animals, find ways to look after nature together and try colouring-ins, quizzes and drawings.
  • Check out our activities for family friendly activities or join us for our annual Wild Families day event.

Why Wild Families?

Your family can get a lot from spending time outdoors in nature, including:

  • Better physical health through exercise and opportunities to get dirty.
  • Stronger relationships by having positive experiences together.
  • Learning first-hand about nature and the great outdoors.
  • Having fun together!

Wild Families: wacky wild flowers

Spring is a lovely time to explore and discover the wacky, wild nature of Victoria’s wildflowers, and you don’t need to be an expert to discover and learn about them.

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Wild Families: bird detectives

Being a bird detective with the family is easy. Just step outside and look for birds! It’s also a great family opportunity to discover and learn together – birds have so much to teach us! Children of all ages can enjoy discovering the habits of birds.

We also explore Jawbone Marine Sanctuary at Williamstown, try our hand at sketching birds and take a look at what it's like to be part of a pelican family.

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Wild Families: alphabet walk

Discover the letters of the alphabet while you walk (letters of the alphabet could be changed to shapes for younger children). This activity is a great way to encourage close observation, exploration, creativity and literacy. If nature is unfamiliar, this is a fun way to find familiarity in new surrounds.

For our 'wild spot' we investigate the Madecon Ranges, sugar gliders are our 'wild creature' feature and we have a great colouring-in and storytelling activity.

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Wild Families: living on logs

Dandenong Ranges National Park is a great place to enjoy family-based nature activities. It has a number of family walks, picnic grounds, waterfalls, ferny gullies, the tallest flowering plants in the world (mountain ash) and spectacular forests to experience. For those who live in Melbourne, this national park is right on your doorstep.

Take your family on a 'fallen log' discovery tour, try our crossword and learn all about the superb lyrebird.

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Caitlin Griffith

Caitlin Griffith, Community Learning and Engagement Manager

Running community days, supporting our NatureWatch program and developing training opportunities for staff and volunteers are just some of the ways Caitlin is helping to improve the way we share nature with others.

She has worked with numerous local Victorian community groups, land managers and scientists in the development of citizen science projects, and brings with her a deep passion for ecology, conservation, social ecology and community development.