We need nature protected, not logged and mined

The unburnt forests of the central west are extraordinary. They are refuges for wildlife and people.

Some 380 rare and threatened birds, insects, mammals and plants call them home.

That’s why the Victorian Environmental Assessment Council has recommended 60,000 hectares of forest across the Wombat, Wellsford, Pyrenees Ranges, and Mount Cole be protected permanently in National Parks.

These landscapes protect the headwaters of important rivers and help ease the impacts of the climate breakdown through carbon storage.

Instead of protecting precious forest, river and woodland habitats, the Andrews Government have renewed logging contracts in critical habitats in the central west.

We’re going to protect these forest refuges, but we need your help.


For Parks Sake! Ask them to create the new national parks.


Improve community health & wellbeing

Keep our air clean & water healthy

Create refuges for threatened wildlife

Are a drawcard for recreation & play

Keep the rare Mt. Cole Grevillea safe from bulldozers

End state-sponsored mining & logging for good