The Victorian National Parks Association Council is calling for nominations for the volunteer position of Secretary on Council, as Michael Forster steps down from the role. Details here.


Dr Bruce McGregor, President

Growing up in rural Victoria instilled a passion for the outdoors and nature in Bruce. He is an active research scientist with training in biology, land management and organisational leadership, as well as a Trust for Nature covenantor and a long-term volunteer in waterway management, environmental restoration and recreation. In 2015 he received a VEFN Best Friend Award.

Gerard McPhee, Vice-President

Gerard first joined the conservation movement in the late 1960s, working with the Lake Pedder and alpine park campaigns. As a keen bushwalker, his loves are forests and mountains. After careers in education and social work, Gerard spent 20 years in IT positions with human services, hospitals and the ambulance service.

Michael Forster, Secretary

Michael is a retired economist who has had a long-term interest in the public issues associated with conservation, climate and energy use. He has considerable experience in business planning and policy, acquired through a range of corporate and public agencies, and a strong belief in the importance of science-based conservation policy.

Gary Allan, Treasurer

Gary is a semi-retired Forensic Accountant who has had an interest in conservation since the days of the ‘No Dams’ campaign and the Franklin River blockade. His recreational activities include bushwalking, cycling, small boat sailing, cross-country skiing, and touring kayaking. He is also Treasurer of Rail Trails Australia.

Lara Bickford

Lara works in clinical research. She has four children who love exploring and camping in Victoria’s national parks, and is passionate about preserving Victoria’s natural environment. Lara believes that VNPA in a unique position to advocate for our native plants and animals.

Ann Birrell

Ann is a cross-country skier and bushwalker, with long involvement in community and environmental campaigns. She is also a lawyer and has worked for government, law firms and environmental NGOs. Ann would like to see a fair and sustainable future for our children and greater protection of biodiversity.

Dr Jan Hendrik Brueggemeier

Jan is an artist, media producer and communications academic. In his media work he is particularly interested in cultural ecology and the intersection of art, science and politics. He produced and curated a number of international art projects and festivals including the art/science collaboration Nature in the Dark in partnership with VNPA and Parks Victoria.

Dr Michael Feller

Michael is a semi-retired forest fire scientist/forest ecologist who lives near Healesville, but still commutes back to his workplace at the University of British Columbia in Canada (currently he is a Professor Emeritus there). He regularly recreates (bushwalking, mountain climbing, skiing, sea kayaking) in outdoor environments that usually need much better protection against development.

Deb Henry

Deb is an avid outdoors adventurer of more than thirty years’ experience. She is dedicated to the care and protection of Victoria’s wilderness areas. Deb has served as President of Friends of the Prom, is a member of the Bushwalking and Activities committee of the VNPA and currently serves as the FOTP’S vice president.

Euan Moore

Euan trained professionally in forest management and worked with invasive species control programs, followed by a career in information technology. Since retiring, he has been able to devote more time to furthering the aims of VNPA.

Dianne Marshall

Dianne has a background in education, community engagement and public land management ranging across wetlands, Landcare, biodiversity, national parks, biospheres and Ministerial advisory committees. She enjoys exploring natural places in Australia and the rest of the world.

Paul Strickland

Paul is Convenor of the Victorian Environment Friends Network committee and is also Deputy President of the Friends of Mt Worth State Park. Paul is also involved with the West Gippsland Seedbank Association and Darnum-Ellinbank Fire Brigade and has planted more than 20,000 indigenous plants on the property he shares with his wife Merrin.