View from Mt Tarrengower, near Maldon

Putting a stop to land clearing

Native vegetation on its knees Imagine a landscape without trees, native animals or birdsong. No one would want to live in a place like that. But parts of Victoria, the […]...
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A smooth toadfish in Port Phillip Bay

Marine and Coastal Act

For more than 40 years there has been talk about reforming marine and coastal planning and management in Victoria. More than 16 statutes and plenty of policies, strategies and plans […]...
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View from the Newhaven Yacht Club. Photo: Natalie Davey

A future for Western Port?

What future do we want for Western Port as it faces the threat of major impacts if chosen as the site of Victoria’s second container port? To help answer that […]...
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Excavators begin work on the Shire of East Gippsland's state-government-approved project to bury Bastion Point under tonnes of rock rubble and asphalt. Photo: Save Bastion Point

The coast is unclear

We’re losing coastal nature because of climate change and coastal, urban, port and industrial development driven by a rapidly growing population. VNPA’s report, The coast is unclear, reveals that...
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Briggs Bluff, Grampians-Gariwerd National Park (Photo: Paul Schliebs - CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 AU)

Nature conservation reviews

Our nature conservation reviews bring together a unique analysis of the state of nature in Victoria....
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Moolap coastal wetlands

Moolap Coastal Strategic Framework Plan

Large coastal area up for grabs. What to do with 1200 ha of ‘prime’ coastal land on the edge of Geelong is now the subject of an Andrews Government planning […]...
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Photo: It's a Wildlife

Nature laws overview

The natural environment is complex, with thousands of species interacting to form ecosystems. Australia has created a web of laws, polices and strategies at national, state and local levels to...
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