We’re losing coastal nature because of climate change and coastal, urban, port and industrial development driven by a rapidly growing population.

VNPA’s report, The coast is unclear, reveals that of the 95 habitats within 500 metres of the shoreline, more than 70% are either endangered or vulnerable.

These threatened coastal habitats have become fragmented and vulnerable to pressures such as:

  • invasive plants and animals
  • livestock grazing
  • expansion of coastal settlements
  • industrial development
  • coastal infrastructure
  • altered coastal processes.

The failure to deal with these issues is largely the result of Victoria’s complex, disintegrated and ineffective coastal planning and management framework.

Victoria needs strong and comprehensive policies from all political parties ahead of the 2018 state election. Otherwise, we will struggle to avoid the impacts of a new wave of development washing over Victoria’s 2,000-kilometre coastline.

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