Our report The coast is unclear highlights the fact that climate change and coastal, urban, port and industrial development driven by rapid population growth are eroding our coasts.

This is the first report of its kind to document coastal planning and management issues along the entire length of Victoria’s coastline.

It finds that successive Victorian governments have contributed to the creation of a complex, disintegrated and ineffective coastal planning and management framework. This has been unable to stop the squeeze on coastal nature. The report’s findings include:

  • Of the 95 habitats found within 500 metres of the shoreline, more than 70% are either endangered or vulnerable, including coast banksia woodland and estuarine wetland
  • Threatened coastal habitats have become fragmented and vulnerable to pressures such as invasive plants and animals, grazing, intensification of land use in adjoin land, and altered coastal processes.

The report recommends the establishment of a number of new national parks including a Discovery Bay-Three Capes State Park, Twelve Apostles-Bay of Islands National Park and a Belfast Coastal Park.

We commissioned this report to help improve the conservation of coastal nature and reform of Victoria’s coastal planning, protection and management framework.

Victoria needs strong and comprehensive policies from all political parties ahead of the 2018 state election. Otherwise, we will struggle to avoid the impacts of a new wave of development washing over Victoria’s 2000km coastline.