Large coastal area up for grabs.

What to do with 1200 ha of ‘prime’ coastal land on the edge of Geelong is now the subject of an Andrews Government planning process.

The Moolap coastal wetlands cover 465 ha, and Alcoa’s now-closed aluminium smelter 575 ha. A narrow foreshore and small industrial and farmland make up the rest.

VNPA is involving itself in the Andrews Government’s Moolap Coastal Strategic Planning Framework that is now considering future uses for the 1,200 ha. A draft plan is expected in March 2017.

We are concerned that proposals for a canal estate and a massive residential development on Alcoa land will find their way into the framework plan. If that occurred, it would spell the end for the Moolap coastal wetlands, foreshore reserve and seagrass meadows, and the current rural buffer between urban Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsula.

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