The Andrews Government's environmental performance has been marred by allowing commercial horse training at Belfast Coastal Reserve.

Half-time score: progress marred by free kick to racing industry

The Andrews Government has kicked a number of goals for the environment, but dropped the ball when it favoured the race horsing industry over protecting Hooded Plovers at Belfast Coastal Reserve....
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Pod of burrunan dolphins forms a 'fishing wall' to herd fish near the proposed site of a new jetty at the Quarantine Station.

Point Nepean plan a good step forward

The Victorian National Parks Association has welcomed release of a draft Point Nepean National Park Master Plan as best way to put previous planning and political mistakes on future of...
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Jasper Hails leads members of the friends group and NatureWatch through the Bunyip State Park's dry woodland on the way to set up cameras.

Looking out for the Bunyip

Don't let the thought of a lurking Bunyip put you off visiting Bunyip State Park, it's full of beautiful surprises, and its many walking trails make it easy to explore....
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Nicole Howie from North Bendigo Landcare Group says joining other Bendigo-based nature conservation groups helped shape ideas about the importance and simplicity of being a good neighbour to Bendigo's bushland.

Living next to nature – how to be a good ‘bushland neighbour’

A new book and website helps locals get out and explore Bendigo and is filled with tips on how to be a good 'bushland neighbour'....
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Hunting in parks no job for amateurs

Amateur deer hunters are calling for more access to our national parks, claiming they would help control the damage deer cause and bolster regional economies. But would they? Firstly, let’s...
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