NEWS 5 July 2023 | Updated 12 July

Shannon Hurley explains how you can help shape the next 15-20 years of an iconic park’s future. And why you should.

I still remember driving around that iconic bend in the road, the one where you first glimpse islands of granite plunging into shimmering turquoise water. It was love at first sight.

It was this love that inspired me to become a marine ranger at Wilsons Promontory National Park 10 years ago.

I saw visitors come and go like the tides. And over the seasons, I saw grass struggle to spring back from intense rotations of camping. I saw cars squash natural vegetation as they hunted for a spot. I watched marine pests invade the turquoise waters of Tidal River.

Working as a ranger helped me realise that behind every great park is a well thought-out and evidence-based management plan.

The features that make the Prom special and treasured are under growing pressure – from invasive species, increased visitation and climate change.

Parks and protected areas that have comprehensive and effective plans to look after them thrive. Not only as habitats for threatened plants and wildlife, but as important places of connection and inspiration for people.

Right now Parks Victoria are looking for guidance on how to better look after Wilsons Prom. Now is your chance to shape the next 15-20 years of this important place.

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We believe the future plan for the Prom must include:

  • Options to reduce the impact of increased visitation on the parks and their ecological values.
  • The development of a park management research and training institute at the Prom, in partnership with tertiary institutions and Traditional Owners.
  • A plan to address climate change impacts, especially in relation to future invasive species, fire impacts and sea level rises.
  • Far greater emphasis on the marine parks and reserves than indicated in Engage Victoria’s documents.

You can either use the Engage Victoria online form or send an email directly at [email protected].

Use our email tool to make a quick submission

You can use our formal submission to guide yours, but remember to add your own thoughts, experiences and ideas for the new management plan.


Caption: Photo: 3Bs/Flickr

You have until the 16 July 2023 to contribute to the pre-draft or attend a consultation (in person or online) with Parks Victoria.

The new Landscape Management Plan will cover not only the park but Wilsons Promontory Marine National Park, Wilsons Promontory Marine Park and Marine Reserve, Corner Inlet Marine National Park and the Seal Islands Wildlife Reserve.

Parks and protected areas with comprehensive plans and resources thrive. Not only as habitats for threatened plants and wildlife, but as places of connection and inspiration for people.

That’s why your well-informed voice is so important to how the new plans are designed.

Please forward a copy of your submission to [email protected] so we can capture the impact our community is having.

Check out VNPA’s Prom management submission

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