The wonders of Wombat Forest

PARK WATCH June 2019 | Our Naturewatch program’s Coordinator Sera Blair shares the tremendous halfway results of our Caught on Camera project. One of the reasons we love Wombat Forest and...
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Let’s protect it forever

PARK WATCH December 2018 | We are one step closer to protecting Victoria’s central western forests, says our Nature Conservation Campaigner Shannon Hurley. VNPA has advocated for the protection of...
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A ‘peak’ of interest

PARK WATCH December 2018 | Windingrough temperate forested peaks and gullies in Victoria’s central west is one of our state’s most-loved and accessible bushwalks,e Beeripmo Walk. Walkers...
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Forests of the Central West

PARK WATCH September 2018 | Read our breakdown of the recommendations from the draft Central West Investigation released by the Victorian Environmental Assessment Council (VEAC). Some are home to...
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Victoria's western forests offer great chances to explore a diverse range of landscapes.

New investigation into Victoria’s central west forests

NEWS 28 March 2017 | The much-neglected but loved forests of central west Victoria, including the Wombat, Wellsford, Mt Cole and Pyrenees Range forests, will lie at the heart of […]...
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Wombat State Forest

Better protection for special places

REPORT 2010 | This report documents the natural values of more than 100,000 hectares of state forest across Central Victoria and calls for a dramatic increase in government spending and […]...
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