BREAKING: We’ve discovered Powerful Owls living in the native forests of Mt. Cole for the first time in decades. But VicForests are still logging the habitat trees they call home.

VicForests don’t survey the areas they plan to log in the west. So our citizen scientists used acoustic recorders to monitor the forests for signs of wildlife. We discovered a population of Australia’s largest owl is living in habitat slated for logging, or actively being bulldozed.

The Chief Conservation Regulator oversees Victoria’s nature protection laws. Their job is to make sure Victoria’s laws are actually protecting threatened native wildlife.

Ask the Conservation Regulator to give a hoot about Powerful Owls.

These areas are proposed national parks and too important to clear-fell.

The best way to keep these owls (and other critters) safe is in new national parks. Until then clearfelling these owl havens must stop.

The forests of the central west are natural refuges for wildlife and people. Some 380 rare and threatened birds, mammals, insects and plants call them home.

Independent experts recommended 60,000 ha of central west forest and woodlands be protected in new national parks over a year ago. The Victorian Government still hasn’t created them.

Read our Powerful Owl detection report here.

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Powerful Owl © David Lochlin

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