We can experience and enjoy nature every day, even while we’re spending more time at home.

Here are activities, ideas and resources to help keep you connected with and caring for nature. Have a wild adventure in your backyard or become a citizen scientist online.

Nature At Home Bingo

A bingo game to help you care for yourself and discover nature. Spy on an insect, reminisce about a previous bushwalk or find shapes in the clouds. See if you can complete 5 in a row (across, up and down or diagonally) or all of these nature based activities.

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It's Nice To Meet You Tree

Have a special moment with a local tree.

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Webinars and Workshops

Join us for our nature-at-home webinars series (recordings of past webinars are also available to view)

Check out our online workshops 



Wild Families adventures

Our Wild Families program offers ideas for the whole family to connect with nature inside and out in the yard.
> View or download Wild Families activity sheets and colouring-ins

Test your knowledge of Victoria’s nature

Taking a quiz from previous Park Watch magazines:
> Marvellous mammals
> Rocky reefs
> Marine plants and algae
> Victoria’s national parks

Be an egg detective

Can you guess which Victorian animal has laid which eggs?
> Check out in our special Easter Egg Detectives activity


Practice identifying fish in our virtual Great Victorian Fish Count footage.

Watch Victoria’s marine emblem the Weedy Seadragon swimming at Portsea Pier.

Get a glimpse into our Communities Listening for Nature project video.

See a different view of the forests of the central west with our digital art project.

Marine National Parks Podcast – our six-part podcast series capturing the social history that led to the creation of the world-first system of marine national parks and sanctuaries in Victoria.

Little Desert Podcast – our four-part podcast series revisiting the 1969 political dispute that put nature conservation and community consultation on the party-political agenda in Victoria.

Reading our latest edition of Park Watch magazine provides a way for you to engage with what is happening in nature across our state.

The reality is that it’s now more important than ever to stand up for nature. The Victorian National Parks Association continues to work tirelessly on our campaigns to protect Victoria’s native plants and animals and special places. There are many ways you can support this work, including emailing decision makers.

Support the campaign to create new national parks in the central west by taking action today.