Hopetoun Falls is one of many in the Great Otway Ranges National Park.

Farewell to Michael Feller – a gentle giant for forests

8 February 2024 | The team at VNPA are deeply saddened by the death of Dr Michael Feller. Michael died unexpectedly and peacefully just shy of his 78th birthday on […]...
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Southern brown bandicoot. Photo: It's a Wildlife

Spotlight on Nature: Southern Brown Bandicoot

PARK WATCH Article December 2023 | Meghan Lindsay shines a light on the Southern Brown Bandicoot (Isoodon obesulus obesulus) Southern Brown Bandicoots, or should we say Bandi-cutes, are small,...
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Western Port Woodlands Quiz

PARK WATCH Article December 2023 | Who am I? I’m a small marsupial, 40–50cm long with round ears, a pointy nose, a big round bum, a short furry tail and […]...
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VicForests: The end of an error

PARK WATCH Article December 2023 | Matt Ruchal, VNPA Executive Director, on VicForests’ death rattles Despite the imminent end to native forest logging in Victoria the state-run zombie...
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