Experts say the extraordinary forests of the Central West deserve protection in new national parks.

But decision-makers are silent, missing legal deadlines to respond to the expert advice.

Use the form to share your personal message with Leader of the House and local Bendigo MP Jacinta Allan.

Tell her why you want new national parks in the Central West and we’ll send your words on a Brush-tailed Phascogale postcard straight to her Bendigo office.

Need some inspiration? Here’s a potted history of the decade-long effort to protect these special places.

  • The Victorian Environmental Assessment Council recommended 60,000 hectares of forest across the Wombat, Wellsford, Pyrenees Ranges, and Mount Cole be protected permanently in National Parks in June 2019.
  • Since that time, the Victorian State Government has approved logging and mining in critical habitats and significant areas of our natural heritage.
  • Some 380 rare and threatened birds, mammals, insects and plants call them home. Many more are listed as vulnerable.
  • There are several reasons why placing these areas under higher protection makes sense. Read about them here.

Brush-tailed Phascogale illustration © Sarah McConnell

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