Last year the Victorian Government announced its intention to create 50,000 hectares of new national parks in central west Victoria!

The three new national parks will provide permanent protection for these diverse forests, and the over 370 rare and threatened animals, plants and insects that depend on them.

And it was the Victorian National Parks Association community that helped realise this long-fought-for milestone.

A commitment to create the new Wombat-Lerderderg, Mount Buangor and Pyrenees National Parks (along with other parks and reserves) has been formally tabled in Victorian Parliament. But this is only the first step in the formal creation of these new parks. It’s now critical our new national parks are quickly legislated and declared.

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While we are thrilled to see the Andrews Government make a commitment to permanently protect these incredible natural places for nature and the community, the decision has come with strings attached. We’re deeply concerned about the staged implementation plan, which allows continued extensive logging of the forests of the proposed Mount Buangor and Pyrenees National Parks. The plan to log much of these areas and then turn them into national parks doesn’t make sense.

Furthermore, VicForests recently released a so-called Forest Recovery Timber Utilisation Plan. The plan purports to deal with trees damaged by storms last year but goes much further in practice. Under the guise of ‘salvage logging’, VicForests have expanded its logging operations by hundreds of hectares in the proposed Wombat-Lerderderg National Park.

VNPA has a crucial role to play; we must hold the government to account, stop this logging, and push for stronger conservation outcomes for all of the central west.

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