Protect our critically endangered grasslands

The grassy plains that once covered a third of Victoria were home to Bettongs, Eastern Quolls and Pig-footed Bandicoots. They shared these native prairies with White-footed Rabbit-rats and Eastern...
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Compare the pair

PARK WATCH June 2019 | Parks Victoria’s well-considered Draft Barmah Wetland Strategy outclasses the Environment and Resources Departments’ non-committal Draft Deer Strategy by a mile, says VNPA...
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Wildfire at Wilsons Promontory

Being frank about fire

PARK WATCH June 2018 | The Department of Environment’s reporting on its fuel management program is far from adequate, says Phil Ingamells. There are few things more important for a […]...
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Our parks protect many gems including the southern emu wren.

National parks for sale – again!

PARK WATCH March 2017 | Three current proposals for commercial developments in national parks are seriously worrying, and there  could be more to come, warns Phil Ingamells. Has Parks Victoria’s...
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