Alpine National Park wildflowers

New feral horse plan to protect our alpine treasures

NEWS 5 November 2021 | Home to the rare and fuzzy Tooarranna, endangered skinks, crayfish, and fascinating alpine plants, the Alpine National Park is one of Victoria’s most prized natural...
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Halt Victoria’s extinction crisis

To put it bluntly, our state isn extinction disgrace. Since colonisation, 81 species have been driven to extinction. Today, over 2000 of Victoria’s plants,nimalsnd ecological communities...
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Greater Glider

Australia has failed Greater Gliders

Republished from The Conversation | Australia has failed Greater Gliders: since they were listed as ‘vulnerable’ we’ve destroyed more of their habitat By Darcy Watchorn and Kita Ashman, Deakin...
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Stop logging forests recovering from the bushfires

The 2019-20 Black Summer bushfires burnt more than 1.25 million hectares of forest across eastern Victoria, killing millions of wildlife. A year on, the animals and plants spared from the flames face...
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