Is it time to make national parks truly national?

What should be the role of the Australian Government in the management of our national parks and reserves? We know national parks and conservation areas are popular. Statewide polling consistently...
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Evidence should rule

PARK WATCH December 2018 | The NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service banned its ecologists from attending a November conference on the impacts of Kosciuszko’s feral horses. That didn’t...
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A short walk in Little Desert National Park. Parks Victoria should be promoting short walks across the state, not spending millions on unnessary infrastructure in highly sensitive areas, to service a very small 'market'. Photo: Phil Ingamells

Who’s in charge?

PARK WATCH March 2018 | The tourism industry is assuming control of our national parks. Phil Ingamells looks at two cases where things are going awry. The Mount Buffalo land […]...
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Our parks protect many gems including the southern emu wren.

National parks for sale – again!

PARK WATCH March 2017 | Three current proposals for commercial developments in national parks are seriously worrying, and there  could be more to come, warns Phil Ingamells. Has Parks Victoria’s...
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