BCRAG member and Killarney resident Clinton Williams monitors commercial horse training at 'The Basin' in the Belfast Coastal Reserve. Photo: © Jenny Fawcett

Horses hurting hoodies

PARK WATCH June 2017 | It has been a poor breeding season for threatened hooded plovers in the Belfast Coastal Reserve, reports Chris Smyth. Local community monitoring of one beach […]...
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The Andrews Government's environmental performance has been marred by allowing commercial horse training at Belfast Coastal Reserve.

Half-time score: progress marred by free kick to racing industry

The Andrews Government has kicked a number of goals for the environment, but dropped the ball when it favoured the race horsing industry over protecting Hooded Plovers at Belfast Coastal Reserve....
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Hoodie chicks are tiny, and dwarfed by the heavy hooves of racehorses. Without protection they don't stand a chance against racing thoroughbreds.

Government puts horses ahead of protecting our hoodies

Belfast Coastal Reserve near Warrnambool is the second most important breeding site on Victoria's coastline for the tiny Hooded Plover, listed as Vulnerable in Victoria and nationally....
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Belfast Coastal Reserve signage. Photo: Chris Smyth

Victorian Government backs racehorses over hoodies

MEDIA RELEASE 15 November 2018 | BirdLife Australia and the Victorian National Parks Association are appalled at the State Government’s decision to allow commercial horse training to continue...
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Racehorses tear up Belfast Coastal Reserve-Photo Chris Smyth

Racehorses tearing up fragile coastal reserve

MEDIA RELEASE 14 October 2016 | A fragile coastal reserve in South West Victoria is being torn up and invaded by racehorse trainers who are using conservation areas as ‘race […]...
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Moolap coastal wetlands

Moolap Coastal Park

Every great city has a great park; the Moolap Coastal Park could be Geelong’s. And now is the time to create it: the Cheetham Saltworks and Alcoa’s Point Henry aluminium […]...
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Belfast Coastal Park

A vision for Belfast National Park

An invasion of commercially trained horses, off-leash dogs, pests and weeds and illegal camping are some of the problems facing the Belfast Coastal Reserve. But managers can’t deal with these...
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