PARK WATCH Article June 2024 |

Book review: Oceans at Night, by Vanessa Pirotta. Illustrated by Cindy Lane

CSIRO Publishing, 2024, 32pp, ISBN 9781486317233

Books about the underwater world are a common sight in our house. I’ve had a lifelong habit – or perhaps addiction – of collecting books about all things wet and salty. Having kids has only provided me with a convenient excuse to further indulge in my passion.

The premise of Oceans at Night, specifically exploring what happens in the ocean during the nighttime, immediately captured my six-year-old son Zeke’s attention.

Diving into the relationships between marine animals, this book showcases how all things are connected and doesn’t fail to subtly mention human impact.

From the familiar (Whale Sharks, Manta Rays and penguins) to the more obscure (Dumbo Octopus, Cuvier’s Beaked Whale and nautilus), a diverse array of marine creatures grace the pages of this beautifully illustrated and cleverly written book.

Zeke had many questions about how Angler Fish find their partners and maintain connections, and he was astounded to learn that Giant Squids boast eyes as large as soccer balls thanks to the handy additional information at the end of the book.

Oceans at Night is a fun read and was thoroughly enjoyed by a six-year-old who has already been exposed to numerous books about marine life.

This book has sparked and will undoubtedly continue to spark many discussions – the best part of sharing a book with a child.

Kade Mills, ReefWatch Coordinator, and Zeke (age 6)