PARK WATCH Article June 2024 |

  1. When was the Alpine National Park created?

    a) 1967
    b) 2001
    c) 1989
    d) 1904

  2. How many marine national parks do we have in Victoria?

    a) 13
    b) 11
    c) 24
    d) 106

  3. Some of the best patches of grassland in Victoria are found where:

    a) In museums
    b) Trick question: they’re all extinct!
    c) On rural roadsides, railway lines and colonial cemeteries
    d) In East Gippsland

  4. When was the Victorian National Parks Act created?

    a) 1975
    b) 1902
    c) 2006
    d) 1991

  5. Where is Victoria’s tallest tree?

    a) Alpine National Park
    b) Western Port Woodlands
    c) Central west
    d) Central Highlands

  6. Grasslands are also called:

    a) Savannah
    b) Tundra
    c) Rangelands
    d) All of the above

  7. When did the Government commit to create new national parks in the central west?

    a) 2004
    b) 2021
    c) 2024
    d) 1999

  8. Where are the Western Port Woodlands?

    a) From Nyora to Glen Forbes
    b) On Phillip Island
    c) From Hastings to Tooradin
    d) On French Island

  9. When was cattle grazing banned in the Alpine National Park?

    a) 2021
    b) 2014
    c) 2000
    d) 1950

  10. Which of the following is not a marine national park in Victoria?

    a) Yaringa
    b) Point Addis
    c) Lakes Entrance
    d) Wilsons Promontory

See p.40 of Park Watch #296 for answers