We are currently gathering resources to add below. In the meantime, follow the links provided to access resources or type a topic into the search field in the top right corner to find more information. (Some links are currently missing, will be complete by 2018 school year). 

People and nature

Nature, wellbeing and mental health
> National parks and mental health: 2015 Park Watch article
> Linking Parks and People: 2014 Park Watch article

Relationships with nature (Bendigo Bushland stories)
> Bendigo Bushland stories: Stories from Bendigo locals and their experiences growing up in the bush
> Living next to nature: booklet on how to become a good neighbour to the bush

National parks guides
> Exploring Victoria’s National Parks: Your questions answered about Victoria’s national parks
> Visit a park: Read profiles of Victoria’s parks
> Parks pocket guides: Handy tips for exploring some of Victoria’s less well-known parks

Positive human impacts on outdoor environments through citizen science
> Nature Watch: Volunteers monitoring native plants and animals in Victoria
> ReefWatch: volunteers monitoring Victorian marine life

Impacts of recreational and commercial activities on outdoor environments
> Protecting parks: The threats to Victoria’s parks
> Can the Leadbeater’s Possum be saved?: 2015 Park Watch article
> Saving Leadbeater’s Possum or logging: 2014 Park Watch article
> Environment East Gippsland website: For further information and news on current logging occurring in East Gippsland
> Save Western Port: The threat from industrial development
> Plundering Paradise: 2014 Park Watch article
> The Port Campbell coast: Paradise Lost?: 2014 Park Watch article
> Port Campbell – Developments on a fragile coast: 2014 Park Watch
> The Grampians Peaks Trail gets going: 2015 Park Watch
> Putting a stop to land clearing
> Mt Stirling
> Grampians Peak Trail
> Falls to Hotham Track
> Prom boat tours
> Pipis in peril

Impacts of urbanisation on outdoor environments
> Urban sprawl: How an expanding Melbourne is putting endangered species at risk.
> Why Melbourne needs a green edge: The importance of keeping open, natural areas around Melbourne
> Melbourne’s Urban Expansion: A report on threatened species on our doorstep.
> Victoria’s grasslands – what we’ve lost: A short video.
> Bandicoot Battles: 2014 Park Watch.

Biodiversity – habitat types and natural threats

> Nature Conservation Review 2014: A overview of Victoria’s environments and their current state
> Habitats and species

Forests and woodlands

> High conservation value forests of the Central Highlands: A fact sheet on Victoria’s Mountain Ash forests
> Healthy forests create sustainable water yields, store more carbon: A fact sheet
> Victoria’s Wombat State Forest: A guide to the mammals ‘Caught on Camera’
> East Gippsland forests: why they should be protected
> Great Forest National Park: why a new park is needed on the edge of Melbourne


> Grassy landscapes and wetlands: threats to these habitats
> Start with the Grasslands: A report providing design guidelines to support native grasslands in urban areas

Marine and coastal

> Marine national parks
> Protecting Marine Habitat: A handbook for Victorian waters
> Protecting our Seas and Shores: A report into the need to better protect Victoria’s marine environment
> The coast is unclear: a comprehensive report on the threats to Victoria’s coastal nature


> Riverside (riparian) land
> Riverside Rescue: A report providing solutions for Riparian Land in Victoria
> 13 Thirsty Species: A report highlighting 13 flood-dependent species under threat from lack of water in the River

Red Gum parks

> Murray River Park: Cattle grazing and its impact on water quality

Climate change

> Climate change and nature
> Climate Change: Fire and nature, the burning question fact sheet
> Climate Change: How will climate change affect nature fact sheet
> Climate Change: Rivers, coastal saltmarshes and wetlands fact sheet
> Climate Change: Species migration fact sheet
> VicNature 2015: Managing Victoria’s biodiversity under climate change


> Fire: fire is a significant risk for public safety, native habitats and the many tens of thousands of species that live within them
> Bushfires: Royal Commission inquiry set up by former Victorian Premier John Brumby into the state’s 2009 bushfires
> The 5% burn target goes: 2015 Park Watch article

Invasive species

> Weeds: How weeds are impacting on nature n Victoria
> Ferals: How deer, foxes, rabbits, horses and other pests are affecting nature
> ‘Special dog on the high plains’ and ‘Letter from a Hawkweed hunter: 2015 Park Watch article
> Catching cats on French Island: 2015 Park Watch article
> Feral deer on the rise: 2015 Park Watch article
> Wild Horse Management in the Victorian Alps: A 2013 Submission by VNPA

History of the VNPA and its environmental campaigns

VNPA history
> Conservation Journeys: A short history of the VNPA

VNPA campaign: Cattle grazing in the Alpine National Park
> How many umpires do we need for Alpine grazing? A fact sheet
> Science, credibility & alpine grazing: A report
> The Victorian Government’s Trail Grazing Program in the Alpine National Park: A report commissioned by the VNPA
> Cattle in the Alpine National Park: A short video about damaging cattle grazing dressed up as scientific research
> Investigation of cattle damage in the Alpine National Park: video of cattle damage in the Alpine National Par

VNPA campaign: Marine national parks network
> Marine national parks: What is special about our marine environment and why it needs protection
> Victoria’s marine protection story: 2012 Park Watch article

VNPA Campaign: Development at Wilson’s Prom
> Shining a light for parks: 2013 Park Watch article
> Hands off Parks: Shine a light on parks Youtube clip

VNPA Campaign: Great Forest National Park
> Why Victoria needs a Great Forest National Park: 2013 Park Watch article.
> Great Forest National Park: A Great Forest National Park on Melbourne’s doorstep would protect the tallest flowering trees on the planet
> Great Forest National Park website: All you need to know about the proposal to create a Great Forest National Park

VNPA campaign: Point Nepean National Park
> Point Nepean National Park: What is needed to properly protect the park

Other historical campaigns and information
> Nature Conservation Review 2014: A history of nature conservation in Victoria
> A History of Wilsons Promontory: e-book written by John Roslyn Garnet
> Wyperfeld: Australia’s First Mallee National Park: e-book published by the Friends of Wyperfeld

Future parks

> Great Forest National Park: protecting forests on the edge of Melbourne
> East Gippsland forests: the need to remove logging from forests that need greater protection
> Western forests and woodlands: Wombat, Wellsford, Mt Cole, Pyrenees
> Murray River Park: greater protection for the riverside lands along the mighty Murray River
> Mt Stirling: the case for adding it to the Alpine National Park
> Marine national parks: the gaps in the network that need filling
> Belfast Coastal Park: turning the coastal reserve into a park to give it greater protection
> Moolap Coastal Park: giving greater protection to significant coastal wetlands and shorelines in Geelong