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People and nature

Nature, wellbeing and mental health
> National parks and mental health: 2015 Park Watch article
> Linking Parks and People: 2014 Park Watch article

Relationships with nature (Bendigo Bushland stories)
> Bendigo Bushland stories: Stories from Bendigo locals and their experiences growing up in the bush
> Living next to nature: booklet on how to become a good neighbour to the bush

National parks guides
> Exploring Victoria’s National Parks: Your questions answered about Victoria’s national parks
> Visit a park: Read profiles of Victoria’s parks
> Parks pocket guides: Handy tips for exploring some of Victoria’s less well-known parks

Positive human impacts on outdoor environments through citizen science
> Nature Watch: Volunteers monitoring native plants and animals in Victoria
> ReefWatch: volunteers monitoring Victorian marine life

Impacts of recreational and commercial activities on outdoor environments
> Protecting parks: The threats to Victoria’s parks
> Can the Leadbeater’s Possum be saved?: 2015 Park Watch article
> Saving Leadbeater’s Possum or logging: 2014 Park Watch article
> Environment East Gippsland website: For further information and news on current logging occurring in East Gippsland
> Save Western Port: The threat from industrial development
> Plundering Paradise: 2014 Park Watch article
> The Port Campbell coast: Paradise Lost?: 2014 Park Watch article
> Port Campbell – Developments on a fragile coast: 2014 Park Watch
> The Grampians Peaks Trail gets going: 2015 Park Watch
> Putting a stop to land clearing
> Mt Stirling
> Grampians Peak Trail
> Falls to Hotham Track
> Prom boat tours
> Pipis in peril

Impacts of urbanisation on outdoor environments
> Urban sprawl: How an expanding Melbourne is putting endangered species at risk.
> Why Melbourne needs a green edge: The importance of keeping open, natural areas around Melbourne
> Melbourne’s Urban Expansion: A report on threatened species on our doorstep.
> Victoria’s grasslands – what we’ve lost: A short video.
> Bandicoot Battles: 2014 Park Watch.

Biodiversity – habitat types and natural threats

> Nature Conservation Review 2014: A overview of Victoria’s environments and their current state
> Habitats and species

Forests and woodlands

> High conservation value forests of the Central Highlands: A fact sheet on Victoria’s Mountain Ash forests
> Healthy forests create sustainable water yields, store more carbon: A fact sheet
> Victoria’s Wombat State Forest: A guide to the mammals ‘Caught on Camera’
> East Gippsland forests: why they should be protected
> Great Forest National Park: why a new park is needed on the edge of Melbourne


> Grassy landscapes and wetlands: threats to these habitats
> Start with the Grasslands: A report providing design guidelines to support native grasslands in urban areas

Marine and coastal

> Marine national parks
> Protecting Marine Habitat: A handbook for Victorian waters
> Protecting our Seas and Shores: A report into the need to better protect Victoria’s marine environment
> The coast is unclear: a comprehensive report on the threats to Victoria’s coastal nature


> Riverside (riparian) land
> Riverside Rescue: A report providing solutions for Riparian Land in Victoria
> 13 Thirsty Species: A report highlighting 13 flood-dependent species under threat from lack of water in the River

Red Gum parks

> Murray River Park: Cattle grazing and its impact on water quality

Climate change

> Climate change and nature
> Climate Change: Fire and nature, the burning question fact sheet
> Climate Change: How will climate change affect nature fact sheet
> Climate Change: Rivers, coastal saltmarshes and wetlands fact sheet
> Climate Change: Species migration fact sheet
> VicNature 2015: Managing Victoria’s biodiversity under climate change


> Fire: fire is a significant risk for public safety, native habitats and the many tens of thousands of species that live within them
> Bushfires: Royal Commission inquiry set up by former Victorian Premier John Brumby into the state’s 2009 bushfires
> The 5% burn target goes: 2015 Park Watch article

Invasive species

> Weeds: How weeds are impacting on nature n Victoria
> Ferals: How deer, foxes, rabbits, horses and other pests are affecting nature
> ‘Special dog on the high plains’ and ‘Letter from a Hawkweed hunter: 2015 Park Watch article
> Catching cats on French Island: 2015 Park Watch article
> Feral deer on the rise: 2015 Park Watch article
> Wild Horse Management in the Victorian Alps: A 2013 Submission by VNPA

History of the VNPA and its environmental campaigns

VNPA history
> Conservation Journeys: A short history of the VNPA

VNPA campaign: Cattle grazing in the Alpine National Park
> How many umpires do we need for Alpine grazing? A fact sheet
> Science, credibility & alpine grazing: A report
> The Victorian Government’s Trail Grazing Program in the Alpine National Park: A report commissioned by the VNPA
> Cattle in the Alpine National Park: A short video about damaging cattle grazing dressed up as scientific research
> Investigation of cattle damage in the Alpine National Park: video of cattle damage in the Alpine National Par

VNPA campaign: Marine national parks network
> Marine national parks: What is special about our marine environment and why it needs protection
> Victoria’s marine protection story: 2012 Park Watch article

VNPA Campaign: Development at Wilson’s Prom
> Shining a light for parks: 2013 Park Watch article
> Hands off Parks: Shine a light on parks Youtube clip

VNPA Campaign: Great Forest National Park
> Why Victoria needs a Great Forest National Park: 2013 Park Watch article.
> Great Forest National Park: A Great Forest National Park on Melbourne’s doorstep would protect the tallest flowering trees on the planet
> Great Forest National Park website: All you need to know about the proposal to create a Great Forest National Park

VNPA campaign: Point Nepean National Park
> Point Nepean National Park: What is needed to properly protect the park

Other historical campaigns and information
> Nature Conservation Review 2014: A history of nature conservation in Victoria
> A History of Wilsons Promontory: e-book written by John Roslyn Garnet
> Wyperfeld: Australia’s First Mallee National Park: e-book published by the Friends of Wyperfeld

Future parks

> Great Forest National Park: protecting forests on the edge of Melbourne
> East Gippsland forests: the need to remove logging from forests that need greater protection
> Western forests and woodlands: Wombat, Wellsford, Mt Cole, Pyrenees
> Murray River Park: greater protection for the riverside lands along the mighty Murray River
> Mt Stirling: the case for adding it to the Alpine National Park
> Marine national parks: the gaps in the network that need filling
> Belfast Coastal Park: turning the coastal reserve into a park to give it greater protection
> Moolap Coastal Park: giving greater protection to significant coastal wetlands and shorelines in Geelong