Ask the Victorian Premier and State Environment Minister to create new national parks in Wombat, Wellsford, Pyrenees and Mount Cole Forests.

The forests of the central west are extraordinary. They are refuges for wildlife and people.

Some 380 rare and threatened birds, mammals, insects and plants call them home.

Over a year ago independent experts recommended 60,000 hectares of central west forest and woodlands receive protected in national parks.

But decision-makers have stayed silent, missing legal deadlines to respond to the expert advice. Instead they approved logging and mining in critical habitats and significant areas of our natural heritage.

Send a message to your elected leaders. Ask them to properly care for our remaining forests, wildlife and woodlands by creating new national parks in the central west.

Use the default letter copy or edit to reflect your own voice. Personalising the email has greater impact. Your name is automatically affixed.

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