Premier Daniel Andrews Swinburne University of Technology | Flickr

Victorian national parks by premier

PARK WATCH December 2017 | Why has national parks creation stalled under the Andrews Labor Government? By Matt Ruchel and Sarah Rees. Just a couple of weeks before the 2014 […]...
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River red gum wetlands along the Murray River Photo: Michael Rawle | Flickr CC

Three years on: how is the state government tracking?

PARK WATCH December 2017 | Analysis of the Andrews Government at the three-quarter mark It’s been three years of the Andrews Labor Government’s term in office, and we are now […]...
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The Horn, Mount Buffalo National Park. Our parks deserve the very best management our society can offer. Photo: Phil Ingamells

What’s the plan?

PARK WATCH December 2017 | National park management plans are noble in ambition, but they are short on commitment and lack a true landscape context, writes Phil Ingamells. With the […]...
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Victoria’s coastal nature on both public and private land needs greater protection and restoration. Photo: Chris Smyth

Bringing back coastal nature

PARK WATCH December 2017 | It’s time to ease the squeeze on Victoria’s coastal nature by establishing a Coastal Wildway Program, says Chris Smyth. Coastal land for the public Victorian...
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Tyers River, Moondarra State Park

Statewide Assessment of Public Land

PARK WATCH September 2017 | The Victorian Environmental Assessment Council (VEAC) has produced its final report on the Statewide Assessment of Public Land. VEAC was asked to look at all […]...
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Sambar deer, Bogong High Plains, Alpine National Park

Pest animals get more than a glance

PARK WATCH September 2017 | A recent inquiry into the control of invasive animals on crown land came up with some sensible recommendations, says Phil Ingamells. There are many alien […]...
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A logging coupe in the Central Highlands

Leaving only the ASH

PARK WATCH September 2017 | The Andrews Government is torn between helping a group of workers in a small country town fighting for their jobs and caving in to a […]...
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Hooded plover on the beach-box

Take action on horses hurting hoodies

PARK WATCH September 2017 | VNPA marine and coastal coordinator Chris Smyth gives an update and calls on Park Watch readers to help stop our beaches becoming racetracks. Despite barely […]...
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The fire inquiry we could have had

PARK WATCH September 2017 | Victoria’s recent Parliamentary Inquiry into fire season preparedness missed the mark, says VNPA’s Phil Ingamells. When Neil Comrie, tasked with monitoring the...
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A flock of red-necked avocets and banded stilts enjoy the Moolap wetlands, which will be under greater pressure from coastal development proposed in the Moolap Plan.

Sanctuary or developer’s dream?

PARK WATCH June 2017 | Growing at 2.5 per cent each year, Geelong is a city that now desperately needs a great park, says VNPA Marine and Coastal Coordinator Chris […]...
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