Talking Crab

Here’s a crab bag of interesting facts about spider crabs.  We’ve compiled answers to questions you always wanted to know and more. Thanks to Dr Gary Poore (Museums Victoria) and our...
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Say NO to AGL’s industrialisation of Westernport Bay

TAKE ACTION | Our beautiful and beloved Westernport Bay is a perfect wildlife wonderland with its rich diversity of marine habitats.  But it is all at risk if AGL the energy giant gets the tick of...
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List feral deer as a pest

TAKE ACTION | Ask your ministers to protect wildlife, parks, local businesses and communities by urgently listing deer as a pest animal and releasing an effective, well-resourced deer control plan....
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Logging in the Central Highlands. Photo: Justin Cally

Create the Great Forest National Park

TAKE ACTION | Now is a critical time for you to speak up to save our eastern forests – by creating new national parks.   Tags: action redirect...
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Huge community gathering at Wilsons Prom sends a clear message to government, our parks are not for sale. Photo: Martin B

Contacting your representatives

Contacting your representatives about issues of concern has a significant impact. You can email, write a letter, call, visit their offices, or message them on social media. Below are some resources...
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