The theme for 2021’s World Environment Day is Ecosystem Restoration: Recreate. Reimagine. Restore. 

Despite once again spending it in lockdown, we’ve highlighted three things you can do to help Recreate, Reimagine & Restore Victoria’s natural places from home.

We hope you have a chance to get out into some nature close to you today.

Recreate: Western Woodlands

We should have a new set of central west national parks. But instead of protecting critical habitat from logging, the State Government is ignoring expert advice and legal deadlines.

Share your personal message with us – we’ll send it on an adorable Phascogale postcard to the Wellsford Forest MP.

Reimagine: Our Wildlife Laws

Our state Wildlife Act should help protect native wildlife. In reality, that’s not the case. But there is hope. The time has come to review the outdated Wildlife Act.

Want to make a submission but don’t know where to start? RSVP to attend our special Wildlife Act Review briefing.

Restore: Forest refuges

The forests that remain after last summer’s bushfires are now critical for our threatened and endangered wildlife to recover and survive.

​​​​Please tell the Victorian Government to immediately stop the ongoing logging of these important unburnt habitats.

Thank you for being part of our incredible community of nature-lovers who again and again take action to protect Victoria’s natural wonders for all to enjoy, today and tomorrow.