PARK WATCH Article December 2023 |

  1. Who am I? I’m a small marsupial, 40–50cm long with round ears, a pointy nose, a big round bum, a short furry tail and big strong claws.
  2. What is the largest owl in Australia?
    a. Sooty Owl
    b. Boobook Owl
    c. Barking Owl
    d. Powerful Owl
  3. Which type of eucalypt only grows in the Strzelecki Ranges?
  4. Which lizard lays its eggs in termite mounds?
  5. Which marsupial lives fast and dies young, only living less than one year?
    a. White-footed Dunnart
    b. Koala
    c. Eastern Grey Kangaroo
    d. Platypus
  6. True or false? Southern Brown Bandicoots move about four tonnes of soil in a year.
  7. True or false? Tea-tree Fingers is a fungus that grows in a typical mushroom shape, out of the ground.
  8. The Green-striped Greenhood is a type of:
    a. tree
    b. frog
    c. orchid
    d. bird
  9. True or false? Most Grey Goshawks in Victoria are completely white.
  10. What is the largest reptile in Victoria?
    a. Lace Monitor
    b. Eastern Blue-Tongue Lizard
    c. Saltwater Crocodile
    d. Grassland Earless Dragon

See p.40 of Park Watch #294 for answers