NEWS 14 November 2018 |

Latest polling before the state election shows Victorians will vote for national parks and nature protection.

The majority of Victorians support parks and nature protection, with 70% plus of people supporting both the comprehensive parks network, new national parks across the state, improved funding for parks and threatened species management.

Over 80% of people supported new marine national parks, but Victoria hasn’t had a new marine park since 2002.

Looking after our natural heritage is key state responsibility, but the major parties have so far dropped the ball.

Over 45% of Victorians agreed that they were more likely to vote for a political party which has a comprehensive nature conservation and national park policy.

1,527 residents across Victoria were surveyed during the night of Monday 14 November.

Summary Statewide Results

Vote for party if they have a compressive nature conservation and national parks policy

  • 45.9% of people were more likely to vote for a political party which have a comprehensive nature conservation and national parks policy

National Parks:

  • 72.7% support Victoria having a comprehensive network of National Parks and conservation reserves across land and sea (36.5% strongly support, 36.2% support)

Funding for Nature

  • 72.8% support increasing funding and more government action for protection of nature, including threatened species and national park management across Victoria (37.6% strongly support, 35.2 % support)

Marine National Parks

  • 81.5% of people support having marine national parks and sanctuaries aimed to protect marine habitats (43.9% strongly support, 37.6% support)

Logging in State forest

  • Only 9.6% of people supported logging in state forests, while 71.6% supported protection of wildlife & nature and recreation.

New National Parks in central Highland and East Gippsland

  • 69.9% of people supported creation of new parks in the central highlands and east Gippsland, (42.1% strongly support, 27.8% support)

New parks Central West

  • 70.4% of people support new parks in central west Victoria around Daylesford, Woodend, Bendigo and west of Ballarat (34.8% strongly support,35.6% support).

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