Nature in the next term

PARK WATCH December 2018 | VNPA Executive Director Matt Ruchel reviews environmental policy in the state election.  Congratulations to the re-elected Andrews Government, with their massively...
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Nature ignored in state election

NEWS UPDATE 23 November 2018 | Looking after our natural heritage is a key state responsibility, but the major parties have mostly ignored its existence, and released very little in […]...
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Alpine National Park. Photo: Paul Sinclair

Nature’s Needs

PARK WATCH September 2018 | Our Director Matt Ruchel outlines ten conservation priorities for the 2018 Victorian state election. VNPA has produced a detailed policy document which has been provided...
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The Andrews Government's environmental performance has been marred by allowing commercial horse training at Belfast Coastal Reserve.

Half-time score: progress marred by free kick to racing industry

The Andrews Government has kicked a number of goals for the environment, but dropped the ball when it favoured the race horsing industry over protecting Hooded Plovers at Belfast Coastal Reserve....
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