Will you help stop rogue logging in Victoria’s national parks by giving a wildlife and forest-saving gift today?

Rogue logging is destroying vulnerable areas of our protected parks and reserves. Under the guise of ‘storm clean up’ and ‘fire management’, invaluable forests are being trashed and sold for commercial gain.

Vital habitat for endangered animals like phascogales, Powerful Owls and Greater Gliders is being wiped out.

We’re working hard to stop this reckless destruction. But we need your support.

With your tax-deductible gift we’ll continue to:

  • Site visits with local groups to document the extent of destruction in protected areas.
  • Work with the media to make the findings public and draw attention to the issue.
  • Support citizen scientists to conduct population surveys of native plants and animals.
  • Pressure environment ministers to take action to stop rogue logging.

Your donation will help protect our beloved native wildlife and forests.

With your help we can stop the destruction of our unique native forests and protect the wildlife that call them home.

How to donate:

  • Donate online using the form on this page
  • Phone the team on 03 9341 6500

Donations over $2 are tax-deductible. ABN: 34 217 717 593

For assistance email [email protected] or call the above number.

Thank you for your gift.

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