A living legacy

Libby wants to protect places of beauty and renewal

“I have been a bushwalker all my adult life and am passionate about the need to protect our natural environment. National parks are where I spend much of my leisure time, where I seek renewal and where I am often awed by the beauty of the natural world. Yet national parks are continually threatened, whether it be by inappropriate development or by invasive and feral species. 

I came to be involved with VNPA in 2005 to support their efforts to have national parks better protected and extended. Over the years since I have been a member of the VNPA Council and the Convener of the Marketing and Community Engagement Committee, so I have seen how the organisation works from the inside. Since I left these roles I have continued to financially support VNPA because I know that, for a small organisation, it is highly effective and has an amazing record of achievements, including being at the forefront of campaigns to create new national parks (like River red gum national parks, and the network of marine national parks and sanctuaries), working to have cattle removed from the Alpine National Park, and opposing inappropriate commercial developments in national parks, such as at Wilsons Promontory in 1997. 

I will continue to support VNPA and, by leaving them a gift in my Will, I hope I will help them to continue to advocate on behalf of Victoria’s unique natural places and the many species that inhabit them. ”

Libby Smith

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If you’re considering leaving a gift in your Will, or have already included VNPA in your Will, please get in touch so we can assist you and discuss your wishes. 

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Thank you for your consideration – a gift in your Will gives nature a future voice.