Why Catherine feels more assured by her decision to leave a bequest to VNPA

Helping protect Victoria’s native wildlife is one of the many reasons Catherine was inspired to support VNPA.

As a young woman, Catherine was focussed on her optometry studies and enjoying Melbourne’s nightlife with her mates.  But she always had a great love for wildlife, and as she matured she became increasingly aware of the many environmental problems Victoria, Australia and the world face.

Now when Catherine’s not busy treating patients in her Albert Park optometry practice, she loves spending time outdoors cycling, horse riding and enjoying the Victorian bush – Bunyip State Park is among her favourites.

And each year, Catherine’s mother, Margaret, organises a family holiday at Point Lonsdale; a special opportunity for the Young family to enjoy Victoria’s spectacular coastline together.

Catherine first heard of VNPA in 2000, and with her optometry practice running well, she decided she could – and should – do something about her frustration and growing concern about the threats to Victoria’s wildlife and natural places.

She knew that for nature to have a voice, she needed to support a knowledgeable and independent organisation that could put pressure on decision makers to do the right thing for Victoria’s wildlife, national parks and natural places. For her, that organisation was VNPA.  Encouraged to follow her philanthropic mother’s good example, Catherine became a member and began making donations to support our work.

As Catherine’s trust in our work continued to grow, she decided to leave a gift to the VNPA in her will.

“By making a bequest, I am reassured that the VNPA will continue to work and fight for the natural world to ensure its future survival.

“I often feel helpless when it comes to defending the few natural habitats left for species other than ourselves.

“I don’t have time or make time to be more active in standing up for the environment in the face of ‘progress’. I am thankful that VNPA is out there working to preserve the natural environments that I value so much.

“My bequest and ongoing financial support to VNPA are ways I can contribute to the preservation of our forests, marine areas, grasslands, wetlands and other habitats. By making a bequest I am reassured that VNPA will continue to work and fight for the natural world to ensure its future survival.”

While Catherine believes the Andrews Government has made some good progress on the environment, there are many areas for improvement.  In particular, she hopes the government will learn to prioritise and appreciate Victoria’s national parks.

“It would wonderful if Victoria’s national parks get the proper funding they deserve to ensure there are enough park rangers, and that pest plants and feral animals are managed appropriately to stop the damage they are doing.’

Everyone here at VNPA sincerely thanks Catherine for her generosity and foresight in deciding to leave a gift to nature in her will.

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Thank you for your consideration – a gift in your Will gives nature a future voice.