Check list for including a gift in your Will

By making sure your Will is up to date, the things that matter most to you will be cared for once you have passed.  

Once you have taken care of family and friends, including a gift to VNPA in your Will is an easy and wonderful way to care for nature well into the future.

  1. What do you own? You could start making a list of the key things you own to give you an idea of the total value of what would become your estate.
  2. Who would you like to include in your Will? Make a list of all the people closest to you and your favourite charities that you want to remember in your Will.
  3. How do you want to divide up your estate?  Decide what you’d like to leave to each of the people and charities on your list. There are different types of gifts:
    • A residual gift is the remaining portion (or part of the remainder) of your estate once all other beneficiaries like your family have been looked after. 
    • Percentage gifts are an effective way to support the causes you care about, as inflation does not diminish their value. 
    • Cash sum (pecuniary gift) can be left to the VNPA if you would prefer – although it is important to note that the value of cash gifts (vs a percentage gift) reduces over the years as a result of inflation.
    • A specific possession, property or shares. If this is of interest to you we recommend that you get in touch with us to discuss options
  4. Consult a legal professional. We recommend that you consult with a solicitor or trustee company to ensure that your Will is legally correct and your wishes are clearly recorded. To find one, contact the Law Institute or Law Society in your State or Territory.
  5. You will also need to select an executor for your estate, who is usually a family member, friend or a solicitor. The VNPA is unable to act as the executor for your Will.
  6. Wording for including VNPA in your Will. We suggest the following wording as a guide: I bequeath to the Victorian National Parks Association Inc. [ABN: 34 217 717 593] the…residue of my estate OR [insert percentage] per cent of my estate OR sum of $[insert specified sum] for general purposes free of all duties. The receipt of the treasurer, secretary or other authorised officer shall be a complete and sufficient discharge to my trustees. 
  7. Tell you family members of your decision. Explain to them that you are telling them your wishes because they matter to you, as do the causes you are choosing to support.

Get in touch 

If you’re considering leaving a gift in your Will, or have already included VNPA in your Will, please get in touch so we can assist you and discuss your wishes. 

Contact our Philanthropy Executive Kristian Lang on (+61) 0480 487 898 or  [email protected].

Thank you for your consideration – a gift in your Will gives nature a future voice. 

Leave a gift in your Will

How do I leave a gift in my Will to VNPA?

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