We have a very exciting opportunity for you to experience the underwater wonders of Port Phillip Bay – on your screen in real-time with Reef Cam!

Australia’s oldest marine sanctuary and one of the bay’s most cherished spots – Popes Eye – in Port Phillip Heads Marine National Park now has an above and a below water camera streaming footage to you live.

Popes Eye is an uncompleted foundation for a fort that was intended to defend the entrance to Port Phillip Bay in the 1880s. A marine sanctuary for last 38 years, it is home to thousands of fish and supports a breeding colony of seabirds.

From under the water you will see countless fish swim past as you become hypnotised by the swaying algae beds. This is a chance to see into the depths for the resident Victorian scalyfin and leatherjackets, and even keep an eye out for the elusive Blue groper. Above the water, there is a birds-eye view of the Australasian gannets and black-faced cormorants nesting and roosting in the area as they fight, feed and fool around.

The cameras are also a great way to check the visibility, tidal flow and winds.

You can view the live footage here.

These amazing cameras have been installed by The Nature Conservancy so that everyone can get an insight into the amazing and unique marine life of Victoria that we all know and love. Find out how you can get more involved below.

Watch the Reef

Anytime you are checking the cameras and you see something remarkable, email our ReefWatch coordinator on the contact details below. Please include the date and time of the event. Your observations could help us track unusual sightings within the bay, or form part of our educational outreach showcasing the marine life of our southern reefs!

Kade Mills, ReefWatch Coordinator