It is estimated that 91% of species in the ocean are yet to be named. With just over 300,000 named that leaves 3 million or more still waiting for a name.  Southern Australia marine waters are a global biodiversity hotspot with 30-70% of what is found in the Southern Ocean not occurring anywhere else in the world. It is estimated that tens of thousands of marine species are yet to be discovered and described.

We would like to invite you to join our Marine Life of Victoria iNaturalist page to start a journey of discovery by using your underwater images to enhance our knowledge of Victoria’s unique marine life. Images uploaded to iNaturalist have been responsible for the discovery of new species, documenting numerous species moving beyond their usual range and used in hundreds of scientific papers.

By uploading and sharing your images on this project you will learn to identify marine life aided by some of the states/countries/world’s leading taxonomists and people like yourself who have a keen eye. This will not only make your dives/snorkels/rock pool rambles more exciting as you search for new species to capture it will provide an invaluable resource for scientists and people wanting to learn more about Victoria’s unique marine life.

Check out Marine Life of Victoria on iNaturalist


Signing up to iNaturalist and joining the Marine Life of Victoria project are essential before you can start contributing your images.

Follow the steps in our downloadable guide, or watch the video below.

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Once you’ve joined the Marine Life of Victoria project, adding images is easy!

All you’ll need to know is where and when you took the photos – you don’t need to be an expert taxonomist to contribute. During the upload, iNaturalist can help you narrow down what species you’ve photographed as a starting point, and then it’s up to the community of experts to verify your observations.

Check out the video below or follow the steps in our downloadable guide for tips when uploading your images.