Looking after our special places

Australia’s national parks and protected areas are a legacy for all Australians. National parks and protected areas are some of Australia’s most important public assets, and have widespread community support and recognition.

They’re critical for protecting biodiversity and natural areas, and are the cornerstone of conservation efforts across Australia. They contribute greatly to society and have significant economic values. They showcase our unique landscapes and wildlife to the world.

The National Parks Australia Council (NPAC), formed in 1975, is a national body that coordinates and represents the views of a range of state and territory non-government organisations. The Council’s mission to protect, promote and extend national park systems across Australia.

Strengthening Australia’s national parks legacy

NPAC has produced five science-based policy papers that lay out a vision for strengthening Australia’s national parks legacy and locating it in the broad Australian landscape.

NPAC is seeking clear commitments from all political parties and levels of government to protect the integrity and security of national parks and protected areas for future generations.

National Parks Policy Papers

A Matter of National Significance
Paper Overview




Completing Australia’s National Reserve System of Protected Areas
Paper Overview




Maintaining the Values of Australia’s National Reserve System of Protected Areas
Paper Overview




Enhancing Landscape Connectivity
Paper Overview




Australia’s Marine Protected Areas
Paper Overview





Who belongs to NPAC?

Member groups represent over 50,000 members and supporters. It includes: