NEWS 3 April 2024 |

Amid growing concerns over the efficacy of nature protection measures in Victoria, the establishment of the Great Outdoors Taskforce has provoked mixed reactions.

While a step forward in some ways, glaring deficiencies in the taskforce’s composition – a lack of specific ecological or zoological expertise, and limited land management experience – are of concern.

It begs the question – are we merely treading water in a sea of endless panels, taskforces, and processes, with little progress towards meaningful nature protection?

Despite important recommendations from advisory panels – such as the creation of new protected areas like the Strathbogies and Mirboo North – progress has been disappointingly slow. Many of these proposals have been left unaddressed for over a year, leaving vital habitats and landscapes vulnerable to degradation.

Of particular concern are the future central west parks and reserves, which have remained on the government’s to-do list since 2021. These areas continue to suffer from the detrimental effects of dodgy logging practices and poor management. The process of establishing the promised central west national parks has been obfuscated, with timelines stretching far beyond those seen in the creation and legislation of the Box-Ironbark, Red Gum, and Great Otway National Parks.

As frustration mounts among conservationists and concerned citizens, these are legitimate questions to raise about the true intentions of these prolonged deliberations.













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