Walking the Beeripmo clearfell trail

PARK WATCH September 2018 | Do you know the extent of logging at Mount Cole? Matt Ruchel reveals what is going on out west. Mount Cole has long been a popular bushwalking, camping and picnic spot for...
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Great Ocean Road threatened?

PARK WATCH September 2018 | The tourism industry eyes off the Great Ocean Road, as the Coalition announces a new authority to manage crown land, reports Matt Ruchel. The Great Ocean Road is more than...
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We can deal with deer

PARK WATCH September 2018 | There are real solutions to Victoria’s deer problem, but it will need commitment from government says our Parks Protection Campaigner Phil Ingamells. It seems an...
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Rediscovering a rarity

PARK WATCH September 2018 | An amazing story of individual perseverance in threatened species protection is shared by Bernie Mace and Milan Stupar. Milan Stupar was guided by intuition and historical...
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A sambar stag enjoying a bath in one of the Alpine National Parks national and state listed peatbeds.

Deer invasion gone too far!

NEWS 19 September 2018 | Six species of deer are trashing ecosystems in Victoria, frome high plains to rainforest gullies. Estimates pute current population at around one million, which means...
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Our ReefWatch Coordinator Kade and volunteer dressed as colourful sea slugs for our inaugural Sea Slug Census event!

Thank you for your support!

Thank you very much for supporting the Victorian National Parks Association. Thanks to you standing with us, this past financial year we’ve been able to continue protecting Victoria’s unique...
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