Our ReefWatch Coordinator Kade and volunteer dressed as colourful sea slugs for our inaugural Sea Slug Census event!

Thank you for your support!

Thank you very much for supporting the Victorian National Parks Association. Thanks to you standing with us, this past financial year we’ve been able to continue protecting Victoria’s unique...
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Orange-bellied Parrot

Act for nature enters Parliament

NEWS 5 July 2018 | Amendments to Victoria’s key piece of threatened species legislation, The Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act 1988 (FFG Act) has been introduced into state parliament, but it falls...
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Sambar deer, caught here browsing and trampling areas where late-lying snow favours some very rare plants. Snowpatch communities are listed as threatened under Victoria’s Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act. VNPA has assisted La Trobe University in this research.

Are deer the new cane toads?

NEWS 5 July 2018 | Deer have largely taken over most of Victoria’s prime natural areas in recent years. Estimates vary, but some say there could be one million deer in the state – possibly...
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Port Phillip Heads Marine National Park, Gannets at Pope’s Eye. Photo: Euan Moore

Marine and Coastal milestone

NEWS 3 July 2018 | For better or worse, we have passed a key milestone in our state’s approach to managing our diverse, unique and much-loved coasts and marineters. The Marine and Coastal Bill...
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Do gold diggers have special rights?

NEWS 5 July 2018 | A draft management plan for several national and state parks in the central Victorian goldfields region has recommended the scaling back of areas available for recreational...
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