MEDIA RELEASE 7 July 2021 |

A new Joint Management Plan for Barmah National Park will increase protection for the area’s remarkable wildlife as well as its ancient cultural heritage.

“The Victorian National Parks Association strongly supports the new Joint Management Plan for the park, developed by the Yorta Yorta Traditional Owners together with Parks Victoria” says the Victorian National Parks Association park protection advocate Phil Ingamells.

“All of our national parks play crucial roles in protecting our natural and cultural heritage for future generations, but Barmah is quite special. As Victoria’s largest remaining floodplain wetland, it has gained international recognition.

“The new plan’s increased protection measures will focus on control of a range of invasive plants and hard-hooved introduced animals, aiming to reverse the deterioration of these seasonal wetlands. Visitor facilities are also being upgraded, giving increased opportunities for schools and other visitors to experience this remarkable national park.

“Barmah provides critical habitat for many migratory birds, as well as for a large range of resident native animals such as Bayadherra (the Broadshelled Turtle), Dhungalla Watjerrupna (the Murray River Turtle) and Nurnamamdatba (the Kingfisher).

“The Victorian National Parks Association welcomes and strongly supports the new Joint Management Plan, and the increased resources for its implementation. It will be important to maintain that higher level of funding in the years ahead,” said Mr Ingamells.