Our 71st Annual General Meeting was held on Tuesday 24 October


Guest Speaker: Sarah Bekessy, RMIT University | Designing Nature Positive Cities

Special Presentations: Matt Ruchel (Executive Director) | Maddy Willcock (Nature Stewards Coordinator)

Guest Speaker: Sarah Bekessy

Sarah co-developed the widely adopted Biodiversity Sensitive Urban Design protocol. She’ll share several exciting case studies, and discuss the protocol’s incredible potential for achieving nature-positive cities. Sarah leads the ICON Science research group at RMIT University, using interdisciplinary approaches to solve complex biodiversity conservation problems.   

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Election of Council 

  • President – David Nugent
  • Vice President –  Marilyne Crestias
  • Treasurer – Askin Morrison
  • Secretary – Chris Harvey
  • Councillors – Lara Bickford, Michael Feller, Dianne Marshall, Bruce McGregor, Gerard McPhee, Jan Hendrik Brueggemeier, Michael Young, Doug Robinson

* Note: Clause 9 (1) of the constitution states: At the Annual General Meeting there shall be elected a President, a Vice President, a Secretary, a Treasurer (the “officers”), and up to eight (8) others (the “members”) who shall form the Council of the Association for the ensuing year.
– Minutes of the 71th AGM