At the moment Forest Fire Management Victoria (FFMV) are felling old trees in the Yarra Ranges National Park.

Many of these grand old legacy trees have records and recent observations of Critically Endangered Leadbeater’s Possums nearby. Community groups have recorded Greater Gliders living in them.

They’ve even found a dead Greater Glider in a tree felled by FFMV.

In March, the Leadbeater’s Possums National Recovery Plan was released. It promised that within a year plans would be in place so “all large, live and dead trees, and hollow-bearing trees, are progressively identified and effectively protected”*.

But FFMV haven’t done that. They’ve fired up their chainsaws and started tearing these grandmother trees down. They’re tearing through over 100 habitat trees marked for the axe. Trees our endangered wildlife need to feed, nest and breed.

With your help we can stop FFMV in their tracks. It’s essential for the survival of our Leadies, Greater and Yellow-bellied Gliders, Tooarrana and Gang Gang Cockatoos.

Send your elected leaders a message today. You can include your own words for more impact.


FFMV cut down this critical Leadbeater’s Possum habitat tree in the Yarra Ranges National Park. The key-hole entrance hollow towards the bottom of the photo suggests it was being used by Leadbeater’s Possums before being destroyed.


* National Recovery Plan for Leadbeater’s Possum, Action 2.7 Objective 2 deliverables. Page 55.

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