Victoria created the world’s first network of protected marine areas in 2002.

The community pushed hard for 13 marine ground-breaking national parks and 11 sanctuaries. For twenty years they’ve protected 5.3 per cent of Victoria’s coastal habitats, and some of our 12,000 marine animals and plants. 

Our oceans are warming, marine pests are rife, and illegal fishing is rampant.  But the state government has a freeze on creating new marine parks.

Australia has signed up to 30 per cent protection of land and sea by 2030. Victoria’s legacy is desperately out of date. We lag well behind other Australian states.

5.3 per cent is not enough.

If we look after our oceans and coasts, they’ll help us cope with increasing climate disruption and a warming world.

Add your name if you want more protection for our ocean life! 


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