We’ve taken a historic action to protect a strange but remarkable bug from extinction. We need your help to make it happen.

The Mount Donna Buang Wingless Stonefly lives only in the forested mountain streams and springs high on Mount Donna Buang.

The Stonefly is critically endangered, and its future in the Yarrra Ranges National Park is uncertain.

Our state nature laws could help keep this millenia-old critter off the extinction list. But only if our elected leaders activate a never-used tool designed to give extra protection to its habitat.

We’ve nominated the Wingless Stonefly for ‘critical habitat determination’.

The Andrews Government could set a major precedent for the protection of Victoria’s threatened wildlife by approving it.

Ask your State Environment Minister and the Scientific Advisory Committee’s Secretariat to give the Wingless Stonefly and its home the protection it needs to survive.


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